If You Know The History – 28th March 1896 Third Lanark 1 Celtic 4 Glasgow League

In season 1895-96 ( as was also the case between 1892/93 and 1899/00) every team involved in the First Division of the Scottish League would play 18 matches, of which obviously half were at home. That meant that the clubs were guaranteed to receive an income from only 9 matches during the season.

There were also cup competitions of course – the Scottish Cup and in the case of Glasgow clubs, the Charity and Glasgow Cups – but the problem with them was that gate income had to be shared and an early exit was always on the cards. Taking all that into account, it was fairly obvious that clubs could do with some extra income and in season 1895-96, a Glasgow League was started up to fill in any free dates on the calendar and provide some possible extra income for the clubs.

1896 Celts

In the first season, four clubs took part – Celtic, Rangers, Queen’s Park and Third Lanark – and on this day in 1896, Third Lanark hosted Celtic in the competition at Cathkin Park. In the two league encounters that season, Celtic had twice been victorious, by 2-1 and 7-0 and were undoubted favourites for this match. And the players did not disappoint the fans, rising to the occasion to win by four goals to one. The competition lasted till 1905-06 and Celtic’s record was;

  Season        Entries             Celtic’s Place           Champions

  1895-96      4                       2nd                             Rangers

  1896-97      5                       3rd                              Queens Park

  1897-98     5                        3rd                              Rangers

  1898-99     6                        1st                               Celtic

  1899-00     6                        1st                               Celtic

  1900-01     6                        4th                              Third Lanark

  1901-02     6                        2nd                              Hearts

  1902-03    9                        8th                               Hearts

  1903-04    9                        Competition Unfinished

  1904-05    5                        5th                             Third Lanark

  1905-06    6                       4th                             Third Lanark


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