If You Know The History: 21st October 1882 Davie Hamilton was born in Glasgow

On this day in 1882, Davie Hamilton was born in Glasgow. Now, to modern fans, the name of Davie Hamilton would hardly register on their list of Celtic players, yet in his time this winger was a real star.

Davie made his debut against Hearts in the Charity Cup in 1902, scoring one of the goals in Celtic’s 3-1 win and from then on was a mainstay of the side over the following 10 years in the outside-left position. During those years, Davie not only won six consecutive league badges between 1905 and 1910, he also picked up Scottish Cup winners medals in 1904, 1908 and 1911, plus numerous Charity and Glasgow Cup medals.


Davie mad the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he was ordered off for ‘obscene and threatening language’ against referee J B Stark at Easter Road on 5th October 1907, for which he received a two-months suspension. It transpired later that what he actually said was “I wish I had a revolver”!

As part of the excellent Celtic forward line of Bennett, McMenemy, Quinn, Somers and Hamilton, Davie’s contribution to the Celtic cause was immense, his 60 goals in 260 appearances a good return for any forward and particularly impressive for a winger.

Jim Craig


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