Pride and Passion: New book by Jim Craig and Pat Woods

Hi Hoops fans, especially those from the Jim Craig CSC, just a few words to tell you about a new book that I have brought out in conjunction with Celtic historian Pat Woods.

There have been 13 decades in Celtic’s history – if we cheat a little and count the years from the club’s inception in 1887 to 1900 as one – and Pat and I have chosen two topics from each of these decades to highlight. Some of these are about players; others refer to a specific match; or they comprise details of an incident, a memorable moment or a difficult time. Whatever the topic, you can be sure that you will find out facts that you either did not know or knew little about.


For instance, why was there a link between Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and one of Celtic’s heaviest-ever defeats? We all know about the death of John Thomson in 1931 but did you know that two other famous Celtic players died during that decade of the 1930s? And I – much to my delight and satisfaction, – am completely exonerated of blame for that penalty in Lisbon by one of the world’s best-ever stars!

​​​​ Pride and Passion
​​​ Jim Craig and Pat Woods
Published by Mainstream Publishing

Available to purchase here:


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