Empire Exhibition Trophy – Part 17 – 9th June 1938

On this day in 1938, the day before the final of the Empire Exhibition Trophy, it seems that the sporting press were exhausted commenting on the big event as there was little news about the occasion. The Glasgow Herald, for instance, merely confined itself to;



Everton’s Team Change for


Gillick, the Everton outside-right, will not be able to play against Celtic in the Exhibition tournament final tomorrow night. His place will be taken by Geldard, the England international.

Elsewhere, there was some news about the balance sheet s of certain sides.


The annual accounts of the Celtic Football Club reveal a profit on the year’s working of £7105. There is a sum of £21,518 at the credit of the profit and loss account.

Another First Division club – and one who finished an excellent in the league campaign of 1937/38 – also had its accounts published. Falkirk FC made a profit of £2905, the highest ever in the club’s history.

And, for those who were not particularly interested in football, there was news of tennis – the Wightman Cup at Wimbledon and the French Open Championship at Roland Garros; golf,with the American Walker Cup team heading back home after the British Amateur championship; rifle shooting at Ayr; angling at Loch Leven; and also chess, with an International Tournament taking place in Amsterdam.


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