If You Know The History: 28th December 1940 Celtic 5 QP 1 Southern Division

28th December 1940 Celtic 5 QP 1 Southern Division

For the first season during WW2, Celtic were in the Scottish League Western Division.
By the following season, they were in the Southern Division, in which, on this day in 1940, they faced Queen’s Park at Parkhead. The war had broken up the team of 1939.

George Johnstone was now the regular goalkeeper, Roy Milne was holding down the left-back spot,
Willie Waddell had replaced Willie Lyon at centre-half, Matt Lynch had taken over at outside-right
and George Gillan was the new inside-left, with John Divers moving to the right.

Above: John Divers

On that afternoon, at least, those players gelled well and Celtic won comfortably by 5 goals to 1.
The experienced Johnny Crum, by then 28 years of age, scoring two.

George Gillan also got a double with another pre-war star, Frank Murphy, also putting his name on the score sheet. It was Celtic’s third win in a row, during which time they had scored 10 goals.

Jim Craig


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