If You Know The History: 21st November 1945 Death of Jimmy Quinn

21st November 1945 Death of Jimmy Quinn
He had various nicknames – ‘The Equator’; ‘The Centre of the Earth’; ‘The Iron Man’ – all of which paid testimony to his importance and resilience in the cause of Celtic. Judging by the reports in the press at the time and his playing statistics, Jimmy Quinn fully deserved every one of them.

In a 15-year Celtic career which was eventually brought to an end by knee trouble, Jimmy gave his all for the club. During that period, Celtic won the league title eight times, the Scottish Cup on six occasions, as well as five Glasgow Cups, seven Charity Cups plus that special ‘one-off’ trophy, the Glasgow Exhibition Cup.


On his retirement in 1915, Jimmy Quinn did not go down the road of managing or training like so many of his contemporaries. Instead, he returned to the job he had before football beckoned – that of a miner, initially under-ground and later at the surface. Even when the 2nd World War ended in 1945, Jimmy was still working at the age of 67.

By the October of that year, however, the heart condition called myocarditis he had been afflicted with for a few years was making him weaker and after a short illness, Jimmy Quinn died at 45 Cuilmuir Terrace, Croy on this day in 1945.

Jim Craig


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