If You Know The History: 4th November 1967 Racing Club 1 Celtic 0

4th November 1967 Racing Club 1 Celtic 0

There were around 75,000 fans packed into the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo in Uruguay for the third match in the World Club Championship of 1967.

John Fallon was still in goal, Ronnie Simson not having recovered from the blow he received from a missile in Buenos Aires.

Stevie Chalmers plus Willie O’Neill also missed out from the team in Argentina, Bertie Auld and John Hughes coming in.


From the start, play was stop-start, the tackling was ferocious and the spitting of the Racing Club players disgusting. The Celtic players found it hard to take. Just before half-time, Bobby Lennox was ordered off along with midfielder Basile.

Just after the interval, Jimmy Johnstone was sent off for retaliation. In 56 minutes came the only goal of the match, John Fallon unable to get to Cardenas’s swerving 30-yarder and in 74 minutes, John Hughes was red-carded for what was, to be honest, an assault on the Racing goalkeeper.

So, the Celtic players lost the game, blew a chance of becoming world champions, were reviled for their behaviour in the press and once home, were each fined £250 by the Board of Directors for ‘letting the club down’ It had been quite an experience….and a severe disappointment.

Jim Craig


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