If You Know The History: 30th August Celtic 3 Rangers 1

30th August Celtic 3 Rangers 1

The Lisbon team took to the field on this day in 1967 for a crucial league Cup tie against Rangers but with 12 minutes left, thanks to a goal by Willie Henderson, Celtic were 1-0 down. Then more calamity, a penalty to Rangers for a foul by John Clark.

Right –back Kai Johansen stepped forward, struck a fierce shot which flashed past keeper Ronnie Simpson, the ball then hitting the cross-bar and rebounding to Johanson, who knocked it into the empty net. And that, of course, is a foul, as the Celtic players were quick to point out, the ball needing to be played by someone other than the kicker. It was a real break by Celtic and they took advantage of it.


From the free-kick, taken quickly by McNeill, the ball was passed upfield and Willie Wallace got the equaliser with a header. Five minutes later, Bobby Murdoch sent an unstoppable shot past Rangers keeper Eric Sorenson to give Celtic the lead and right on the final whistle, Bobby Lennox darted through a Rangers defence in disarray to make the final score 3-1 to Celtic.

Jim Craig


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