If You Know The History: 26th August 1908 Peter Somers Benefit

26th August 1908 Peter Somers Benefit

Peter Somers was an inside-forward, a hard-working player who, along with Jimmy McMenemy, became the brains of the great 6-in-a-row team from 1905 to 1910.

It was a wonderful period for all the players of that time. In addition to the six titles, Scottish Cups were won in 1904, when Jimmy Quinn thrived on the service from Somers to score a hat-trick and again in 1907, when Peter Somers scored two of the three goals which beat Hearts and was awarded the match ball afterwards.


Peter was also in the team which won the Cup again in 1908 and played in both matches in the 1909 final, when the trophy was withheld after crowd trouble in the Celtic – Rangers clash, the so-called ‘Hampden Riot’.

Like most senior players at that period, Peter was eventually granted a benefit match, played on this day in 1908, with Rangers, as usual, the choice of opponents. Celtic won 3-1 and Peter enjoyed another year with the club before departing for Hamilton in 1910, where he eventually became a director.

Tragically, due to an infection, he had to have part of his leg amputated in 1914. Gangrene set in and he died on 27th November 1914 at the age of 36.

Jim Craig


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