If You Know The History – 23rd July 1995 The First Huddle

On this day in 1995, in a little known town in northern Germany called Jheringsfehn, Celtic went down 0-2 to a side called Kickers Emden. It was just one of a number of matches played on a pre-season tour yet it has gone down as a very important moment in Celtic history because a ‘first’ occurred that day. Before the match, the first Celtic ‘Huddle’ was performed.

Centre-half Tony Mowbray is credited as the man who came up with the idea, hoping that it would bring a sense of togetherness and bonding among the players. Some of them apparently were a little shy beforehand about performing the Huddle but they were also quick to see that it had a very positive effect, not only for the players but for the fans as well.

The players who took part in that first Huddle were Pat Bonner, Lee Martin, Malky Mackay, Tony Mowbray, Tosh McKinlay, Rudi Vata, Peter Grant, John Collins, Pierre van Hooijdonk, Andy Walker and Brian Mclaughlin.


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