If You Know The History: 10th June 1938 Empire Exhibition Trophy Final

10th June 1938 Empire Exhibition Trophy Final

On this day in 1938, at 7pm in the evening, 82,000 fans were packed into Ibrox Stadium for the final of the Empire Exhibition Trophy.


It was the final the organisers had hoped for, a Scottish team against an English one and it turned out to be a classic match, a close contest played at a tremendous pace, in which each and every player rose to the occasion. Play ranged from end to end in hectic fashion but after 90 minutes, the game was still goalless so the teams went into extra-time.

The deadlock was eventually broken in the 96th minute, centre-forward Johnny Crum scoring with a well-placed shot. In his excitement, Crum ran behind the goal and did a little dance while waving to the Celtic support, an action which more than one newspaper correspondent commented on unfavourably the following day. Everton did get the ball in the net near the end, a header by left-winger Boyes, but he was clearly offside and the goal was chalked off.


It was a fine win by Celtic, who thus added the Empire Exhibition Trophy to the League Championship and the Charity Cup as their honours for the season. The trophy was presented by Lord Elgin to captain Willie Lyon on a special platform erected in the grandstand enclosure and the players received their miniatures there as well.

Jim Craig


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