Sweensters Match Ratings v Rangers Dec 28th 2011

Forster 7
Plucked the ball “off” the line in superb fashion, little else to do against a much vaunted Rangers strike force.

Matthews 7
Excellent return to the team, I was relieved to see him start ahead of Cha.

Rogne 9
A Colossus at the back, every header was a clearance with distance, bossed Jelavic and Lafferty

Mulgrew 8
Fantastic performance from Charlie, looked great at Centre Back with Rogne, great delivery for the goal.

Ledley 7
Kept Aluko quiet all night, took his goal well.

Brown 6
I thought he had a quiet night, nullified any threat down the Rangers left.

Kayal 9
Wonderful performance, took the game by the scruff of the neck and was the platform for Celtic’s dominance.

Wanyama 8
Davis didn’t get a sniff, nice passes when on the ball, looks a real player. Was quick to get in and let the Rangers players know about it in any minor skirmishes.

Forrest 7
Had the beating of Broadfoot all night long.

Samaras 7
Difficult for the big fella to get going in the windy conditions, won a lot of balls in the air and ran Rangers down all night, gave us out ball going long or down the flanks.

Hooper 6
Not the conditions he was ever likely to relish, stuck with it and tried to get some interchanges going with Samaras, would’ve like a wee bit more chasing down at times.

Ki Got to the pace of the game reasonably quickly.
Stokes foul was hardly worthy of a booking, but his only notable contribution.


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