Sweenster’s Player Ratings v St Mirren

Internet feed was even good on Saturday

Forster 6
Not a lot for the big fella to do

Matthews 7
He is a decent player for us now, good signing for free. Looks and plays like Mark Wilson I think.

Loovens 6
Didn’t see much of him, which is a good sign

DM 7
Doing okay of late

Ledley 7
Another great signing for free, has shown he can fit in anywhere for us, will be hard to leave him out when we have a fully fit squad.

Forrest 8
He is playing great at the minute, seems to have the knack of turning up in the right places too, unusual quality for a winger.

Kayal 7
Improved on Wednesday night, solid nothing exceptional, probably exactly what we need from him. We haven’t lost since he signed his new contract apparently.

Wanyama 7
Another good game from him. Looks like a certain starter these days. Strong and can play.

Samaras 7
Big lad done well, lets hope this is the confidence boost he needs

Stokes 8
Did everything but score, thought he was a constant threat

Hooper 9
Great to see him performing the way we know he can, looks to have turned the corner after an average season so far.


What a goal from McGeough capped off a great afternoon. Looks plenty selfish which shows he is confident if nothing else.

Sparked off a great singsong in the stands more than anything else

Didn’t really get into it


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