Sweenster’s Match Ratings v Dunfermline

My view on a dodgy internet feed

Forster 7
Couple important saves, couple of dreadful kicked clearances

Matthews 6
Did ok, nothing exceptional

Wanyama 7
Like the ICT game the big fella is composed and very strong on the ball

DM 6

Ledley 7
Was great going forward

Forrest 8
Had a great game, caused them a lot of problems

Kayal 6
Lacked the leadership we needed in last 20 minutes to stamp his authority on the game, may miss out when others return to fitness.

Ki 5
I though he was giding, lost an extra point for penalty miss

Commons 7
Looked very lively, lacking a little confidence, but still kepp shooting

Hooper 8
Best performance of the season for him, a return to form

Stokes 7
Some lovely bits of play, all that was missing was a goal

Subs (only MCCourt had long enough involvement for comment)
McCourt 6
Perhaps we expect too much from him, but he didn’t really get going last night.


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