All to play for – but I’d rather be in their shoes than ours

1 Rangers 16  23  39

2 Celtic     16  20  35

I probably should sit down and think this through. I probably should take my time over the following little diatribe but I just don’t have that luxury. I would just like to get a few thoughts down on paper.

After the draw at Hibs we were 10 points behind Rangers. Most of us thought the season was gone at that point with no real hope of getting back into contention. Now, here we are almost a calendar month later and that gap is down to 4 points.

Optimism is high. In my opinion just a little bit too high.

Why am I giving it the ‘Scrouge’ attitude? It’s quite simple. Rangers are still 4 points ahead.
They have won the title for the last three seasons in a row.

It was Martin O’Neill who once described Rangers as the ‘benchmark’ – before his team set a whole new standard. We need to acknowledge again that they are indeed the benchmark.

Why? Simply put nothing has been won as yet. For the last ‘decade’ I have heard each Ranger’s team described as ‘the worst Ranger’s team in living memory’ and yet here we are….languishing 4 points behind and in danger of going to 4-in-a-row? Is that unpalatable enough for you? Good. Because here is my point.

As well as things have gone in the past month, there is nothing to say that next month won’t be a disaster. The only way to prevent that is to work hard (Hibs game as an example of where we did not), keep your mouth shut (no silly statements in front of the press please)
and concern yourself only with what’s going on in your own house.

If anything we can take a leaf out of Ranger’s performances from the last three seasons.
When everyone else has written you off you work your bloody socks off, fight the opposition to a stand still and then let the talent shine through.

We have the talent. We just need the bloody-mindedness to go with it.



One thought on “All to play for – but I’d rather be in their shoes than ours

  1. Fair comment about the press dude, lets keep our eyes on the job at hand, play them up if anything.

    Jelavic I am sure got pelters at Ibrox for running his mouth off, we unfortuantely have a team of guys who give the press the soundbites they crave.

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