Celtic Memorabilia: 1933/1934


This is an unusual team photograph. It is dated 1933/34 and is obviously taken at Celtic Park – that is the ‘Jungle’ in the background – but I cannot find a match during that season when the eleven players involved in this shot lined up in the same team.

I suspect that it was taken in the early part of that season and was supposed to be the Scottish Cup-winning side of only a few months before, when Celtic beat Motherwell 1-0. Ten of the players played in that final; the exception is Johnny Crum, to the left in the front row. Bertie Thomson was at outside-right in the final but he had been transferred to Blackpool on 21st August 1933, so one must assume that the photograph was taken after that.

In any case, it shows a fine body of Celtic men, most of whom were in the side which beat Motherwell 4-2 in a replay in the 1931 final and then overcame the Steelmen again in 1933. They are, from left to right, at the back – Alec Thomson, Bobby Hogg, Joe Kennaway, Charlie Napier, Jimmy McGrory and Peter McGonagle; and in front, Johnny Crum, Chic Geatons, Jimmy McStay, Peter Wilson and Hugh O’Donnell.

The manager – Willie Maley – is to the left and Jack Quskley, the trainer, is on the right. And just look at the breadth of Jimmy McGrory’s shoulders and that bull neck. No wonder he could power the ball with a header!

Jim Craig


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